the story behind the brand

Born and raised in a family with a history of manufacturing and designing fine jewelry and diamonds, Shery Levy has always felt connected to the eye-catching aesthetics and the invigorating jewelry-creating process.

Shery’s professional journey began at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), where she earned her Graduate Gemologist Degree. Shery made a pivotal move in her career when she decided to write the next chapter of her family’s legacy by innovating her own line of jewelry while maintaining the family’s dedication to meticulous craftsmanship, artistry, and an impeccable taste for the finest and rarest gemstones.

Timelessness and quality from the essence of all shery creates; handcrafting luxury jewelry that magnifies once's sense of style and individuality. She is insatiably inspired by subtle nuances that reveal themselves once the eye wonders and dares to view things from another perspective.

For most, jewelry-making is a career. For Shery, it is a lifestyle. She believes that jewelry is for more than an accessory.The sentimental value and luxury it portrays lies in the details; representing an extension of the person wearing it. Shery believes that each creation should be just as rare and extraordinary as its wearer; a result of Shery's passion for cultivating close and personal relationships with her clients.

The Levy line offers classic unique bridal and couture pieces, fine jewelry, loose diamonds, and custom designs. Shery strives for innovation in design and craftsmanship; exploring nature and its innate beauty by bringing elegance and sophisticated appeal to each exquisite creation. She remains inspired by the old century, Art-Deco and modern eras.

Our Mission

Shery and her team remain determined to continuously explore exceptional and original designs to raise the bar in the handcrafting of diamond jewelry and engagement rings. If a custom design is being produced, the team will provide a detailed artist rendering in 3D following your approval before the creation process begins.

Everything at Shery Levy is held to exceptional standards. The team inspects every piece of jewelry to ensure it follows all strict internal standards of quality control.

Our team of jewelry specialists is dedicated to working with you; providing in-depth consultations to help you identify the 4C’s combination. However; we take the selection far beyond conventional assessments; evaluating three additional qualities that define beauty in a diamond. These are “The Fire”, “The Brilliance”, and “The Scintillation”. This process will help us optimize your budget and find the perfect diamond that’s both remarkable and the ultimate expression of you.

At Shery Levy, we are committed to ensuring that each of our diamonds is sourced sustainably and ethically. Our team maintains integrity by strictly offering GIA and EGLUSA certified diamonds – the most trusted, leading laboratories in the industry.

Our mission is to deliver an intuitive online shopping experience through personalized service. We provide the knowledge and expertise you need to feel confident about your jewelry purchase; based on our traditions of trust, transparency, and solidarity.